So how did it go?
What worked well?
What didn’t?
What things made it harder to speak encouraging words?

For myself, being tired is probably the biggest problem. If it’s been a long day, I’m out of energy and I’m ready to pack it in. Being intentionally uplifting and encouraging will likely wait for the next day. Being tired now and then is normal and OK. Being chronically tired means I need to look at my workload and adjust.

I think second to that is just habit. It’s hard to break out of what I’ve done for years. For lack of a better word, I’ve developed a style of speaking. Change takes a choice and ongoing effort.

I’m looking for ways to modify that style for the good. I do have some reminders in place and I also have a friend I meet with weekly. We share life and ask each other tough questions, brainstorm, encourage, pray, etc.. Talking about this will be high on the agenda next week.

Think through your efforts and your spouses responses. Tomorrow we’ll get in some more practice.  🙂


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