ROAD BLOCKS  (Day 4 of 7)
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Habit – About a year ago I had surgery, and I wasn’t supposed to do much for a number of weeks. Bless Paul, he took care of me, but when it was time to start moving again, I was out of practice. I was in the habit of being served. I think that might also be an issue for those who have a position where they oversee others’ work. The habit would be to let others do the serving. You would have to think and choose to be of service to others.

Too Busy – If your work load is too heavy, it’s hard to have the time and energy to serve others. “Sorry, can’t stop now to help, I’m off to finish whatever.”

busy woman

Judgement – I’m not saying we shouldn’t be discerning, but sometimes we can get caught up in whether people deserve our help or not. Honestly, folks do make bad choices from time to time (haven’t we all) and wind up needing help. Can we offer a bit of grace and give them a hand?

Selfishness – I totally get this. Why spend our time and energy on others? (Hmmm. There is that Jesus thing.)

It Makes You Feel Small or Less Important – Serving others does put you in a place of “less than” in our world. It may change how others see you or treat you. It is counter-cultural, but it is foundational in our Kingdom culture. Honestly, I get a kick out of seeing God work through our service. It’s startling to others and tends to make them curious.

Don’t Know Needs – I think it’s always wisdom to ask a question or two. Learn what is really needed and if you have the skills to meet the need.

Self Doubt – Some folks doubt they can be of real help. Most needs can be met by anyone with hands, a mouth, and a few working brain cells. If you’re really not sure about your ability, can you ask someone to teach you how or invite a friend to serve with you?

What’s keeping you from serving others?


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