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When someone says or does something a bit odd or hurtful, how quick are you to assume something bad?

I’ll own that I go there more often than I’d like to. I’ve learned to “pause before I speak” so I’m not likely to say anything, but I sure would like to catch it earlier in my mind and take the time to give strength to other options.

mess on desk

The other morning, Paul left some items out on my desk area. I was quick to assume that he didn’t respect my space. I had to stop and cut him a bit of slack. He had run out the door in a rush. He was in a hurry. I leave messes sometimes when I’m in a hurry and I mean no harm or disrespect.

I moved his stuff to his desk area, prayed for his day, and went on with mine.

Keep an eye on your thought life today and gauge how positive/negative your thoughts are. Where do you go first?

Homegrown food is fun and sometimes goofy. I get the occasional mutant strawberry.

fasciated strawberry

It’s fasciated, probably due to a frost (of which we have had several, just reality in Washington state). Thankfully, it’s still edible.


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