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Our three concepts for review this week:

BE PATIENT – more understanding, less annoyance
BE KIND – add considerate and helpful too
NO ENVY & BOASTING – Ew! Dump them!

I’ve been thinking about the boasting thing (talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction).

I like to share what I’m doing, especially with my friends over coffee.

church library

I just finished re-setting up the church lending library (we got pretty new carpet and everything got moved around during the project). It was fun (I love books) and I’m pleased with the final product (though plenty more work to do).

Is that a boast or a share? Where’s the line? Is it more about heart attitude or intent? Perhaps something to do with your listeners? My friends want to know what’s going on in my life. To others, it might come off as a boast.

Hmmm. More thinkin’.


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