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Our three concepts …

Steadfast self-control – let’s keep on keepin’ on.
Oneness – building an exclusive family culture with your spouse.
Preparation – a tool for smoother living

How was your week? Did you learn anything new?

I had a sweet memory of oneness. :)

A few years back our son knocked on the door and brought in a bucket of very young bunnies. A couple of rabbits had escaped their cages in the winter barn and 30 days later there were little ones.

man holding baby rabbit

I asked him if he had shown them to Forest, his wife. His answer? “I showed her first.”

His heart is devoted to his wife. She has first place. (You have to know, as a mom, I was so tickled to see that. His marriage has a very good chance of flourishing. When folks give their spouses a special place, it’s a ribbon tying their hearts together.)


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