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Here are our three concepts to review for this week:

MANAGE YOUR HOME – take care of where you live
BE DISCRETE – speak kindly and respect privacy
DO THE IMPORTANT – don’t waste time on worthless pursuits

I’ve been considering discretion in my conversations again.

Is it OK for me to talk about someone else’s story if it’s rather public (common knowledge already) and it’s good or kind?

thoughtful woman covering her mouth

Back story …
When I had my first child, I called around to let everyone know she had arrived. I was never the first to share the good news because someone had made a number of calls ahead of me. It was really hurtful. It was public news and it was good! But I wanted it to be my story to tell, not someone else’s.

So where’s the line between stepping on someone’s toes by telling their good news and encouraging someone with a good story? What are your thoughts on discretion?


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