I’ve been thinking about pleasure.

I’ve noticed that a lot of folks have trouble with the concept of pleasure, especially within the church.

Some bad theology had us thinking that anything we wanted was wrong or bad. Certainly we battle a sin nature (and we need to be smart about that), but we have the indwelling Spirit and God wants to give us the good desires of our heart. He created us as unique beings with gifts and abilities. Small wonder that we should desire what we are made for. Add in colorful sunsets, sex, a beautiful song, and chocolate, and we were made for pleasure and delight.

couple sharing chocolate

That said, I realized I’m still struggling with this a bit, like it’s terribly selfish to do the things I enjoy and find pleasure in. Putting the brake on pleasure is stalling out some opportunities in my life.

Just thought I’d toss this out to y’all for prayer and consideration. Take the time to talk to God about all the places he is offering you delight and pleasure. It’s ok to enjoy it.

Another picture from Linda’s garden.

butterfly water station

Butterflies need water too. A shallow dish with rocks and water creates a watering station for them. It’s also a great place to toss those rocks you find as you garden.


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