ROADBLOCKS  (Day 4 of 7)
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So what stalls you out from speaking?

Silence is agreement, so loving people speak up. Boyd Bailey

For me, it’s about not wanting to create friction. I hate arguments, and it’s hard to share a dissenting view and not have it turn into a bit of fussiness. I’m doing better about keeping conversations calm, but it tends to be some work and then are just folks who are committed to be fussy with anyone who thinks differently. Sigh.

The other thing is owning up to my own bad behavior. It’s hard to admit to doing something wrong (I spent more than I said I would) or unkind (yes, I ate the last granola bar, I’m not going to blame the grandkids).

empty baking pan

I also don’t like to speak up if I haven’t thought things through clearly enough. It’s like handing someone a half-baked scone. It’s messy and gooey, not really ready for consumption. I’m still working through that one. Sometimes I just admit I haven’t thought an issue through well enough to have an opinion or viewpoint.

What stalls you out in those moments when you know you need to speak up?


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