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So, what are your thoughts on God’s grace? Can you see how undeserved this gift is for you and me?

How easy is it to show grace to others? How easy is it to show grace to your spouse in an everyday way? How about when they really blow it? (Or do that annoying thing they do … every morning and twice on Sunday?)

shoes and socks left on floor

Generally I do pretty well, but when I watch carefully, I see I have small biases here and there. They influence how I see people and how easy (or not) it is to love them where they are, mess and all. It reduces compassion and understanding.

I’m not saying that we should overlook things that bother us or that are genuinely causing damage. Those things can be addressed in love. I think what I’m talking about is taking the judgmental attitude out of the equation.

I can ask my husband to clean up the mess he left on the kitchen table (in a kind and understanding voice, he is a messy creative type after all) or I can judge him harshly in my heart and fuss at him (or take care of it myself with a martyr’s attitude).

Grace gives him room to be on a journey of God’s doing (not mine). And, if I am wise, I will work with him where he is, acknowledging God’s plan and timing. I’m on a similar journey, and I would love to be treated with grace as well.


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