Spend the day thinking about your usual choice of words. Listen to yourself speak.

Are you speaking good words?
Do your words build up your spouse?

As a part of last week’s kindness focus, I was making an effort to choose my words with my husband more carefully and kindly. I was surprised (OK, I was really shocked) at the difference it made and, honestly, it felt really good. I’ve always thought my words were pretty kind (and they were, generally so), but being more thoughtful and specific made a huge difference.

I also spent a good deal of time considering my thoughts because my words spring from my thoughts. I had to look more critically at snarky thoughts and bits of unkind judgement. Boy, howdy, it was a tough week, but a good one.

So, take today and just observe how you speak. Let God talk to you about your choice of words and the impact they have on your spouse.


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