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What celebrations figure into your life and into the life of your marriage? How do you usually handle holidays or events to celebrate? Do you enjoy celebrations? Does your spouse?

Today I love just about any excuse for gathering with my sweetie and others, but in the past it was more about meeting expectations and doing perfect (yes, I have apologized to my family).

tired woman at Christmas

I’ve become more intentional about being relaxed, not apologizing for shortcomings (real and imagined), and being focused on loving folks and giving praise to God. It’s hard not to celebrate when you’re surrounded by His goodness.

Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments! Jurgen Klopp

Paul and I look for opportunities to celebrate big and small – Christmas and Wednesdays, birthdays and the first tomato out of our garden. It’s all good.

Take the day to explore your thoughts and feelings about celebrations. Also consider how they have impacted your marriage and family life. What have you done in celebration? What have you avoided? What has worked? What hasn’t?


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