CONCEPT  (Day 1 of 7)

Last week we played with the concept of rest and rejuvenation and how that impacts our ability to love others. This week I’d like to flip the coin and talk about work.

woman holding coin

God originally put Adam in the garden to work it (Gen 2:14). As beings, we are designed to work. Now I don’t think we’re all supposed to be gardeners (though, really, that would be ok), 🙂 but there is a plan and purpose for our lives and that includes some kind of “work” or endeavor. If we are married, a part of that life’s work is keeping our relationship healthy and serving our spouse.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men … Colossians 3:23

I’ve always liked this scripture because it helps me keep my heart straight. I can work hard at even the most mundane of chores because I am serving a great God with my efforts. I love doing things for Jesus.  🙂  

Marriage is important to God, so I serve Him with my efforts to love and support my spouse. That might mean working to earn money to support my family. It might mean taking care of the home so that it serves the needs of my family. “Work” could be anything that builds stability and care into my marriage and family life.

Take the day and just talk to God about his perspectives on work. There are various kinds of “work” and because we are doing it all for Him, it becomes a kind of ministry.


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